Research shows: employees become happier with better company clothing

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When you have to wear company clothing at work, it’s important that it fits well. But did you know that employees can even become happier when they receive better clothing from their employer? A new study shows this, along with more interesting facts about the influence of company clothing.

Research shows: employees become happier with better company clothing
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During the study, conducted by the British Coventry University in collaboration with Murray Uniforms, the influence of company clothing was examined. A total of 2560 men and women aged 16 to 60 were surveyed. They were employed in seven different companies in England and Europe and all wore company clothing. The participants worked in various departments such as warehouse, transportation, retail, and office.


Research shows: employees become happier with better company clothing

During the study, the relationship between wearing company clothing, happiness, and productivity was examined.

It turns out that 22% feel better at work when the clothing fits well. This feeling was strongest among women aged 25 to 34. Among those over 50, company clothing had the least impact on happiness at work. Of the respondents, 81% believed that clothing can increase productivity.

Clothing also plays an important role during the job application process. For 71% of applicants, company clothing influences whether they want to work for a company or not.


General influence of company clothing

As regular readers know, I love these kinds of facts. But it’s not really new to me. Various studies have already shown in different ways that work clothing influences the feelings and behavior of those who wear it. For example, an Australian study showed that poorly fitting women’s work clothing can make women in technical positions feel unsafe. It also gives them the impression that they can’t work as hard as their male colleagues.

But clothing also seems to influence how we perform at home. For example, 83% of people feel productive when they wear smart casual clothing while working from home.

Now it turns out that this is also the case with company clothing. Not surprising, but still interesting to know. And of course, good marketing for workwear suppliers.



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