1 in 10 enjoy working from home naked

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I’ve recently written about what we wear and how we can take care of ourselves when working from home. Various studies show that we have started to dress more casually. But did you know that there are also people who would rather not wear anything? And yes, this has been researched.

1 in 10 enjoy working from home naked
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1 in 10 enjoy working from home naked

Software company Kaspersky published a report on how working from home has changed people. In October 2020, the company surveyed about 8,000 employees from 18 countries.

They surveyed employees working in small and medium-sized companies (10 to 250 employees) in Brazil, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Spain, South Africa, England, Turkey, The United Arab Emirates, USA and also The Netherlands. The results showed that 11% of these 8,000 employees enjoy working from home in the nude.

Coincidentally, a similar study was conducted recently amongst roughly one thousand Americans. This showed that 29% prefer to work from home without clothes.*

Clothing and productivity

Unfortunately, neither study looked into how working naked affects productivity. That’s too bad. As I have covered in previous articles, various researchers have shown that the clothes you wear influence how you feel. So I’m curious whether lack of clothing affects productivity.

I can imagine for nudists, being able to work naked is a dream come true. For nudists working from home is a godsend. But on the other hand, for many people, there is a downside. For many, working from home is a struggle and exhausting, so perhaps some people are not getting dressed because they just do not have the energy to do so.

Working in the nude is not for me. Even when it is scorching, I wear a cotton shirt and shorts. Partly so I can move about freely without having to worry about someone seeing me naked. But mainly because wearing clothes gets me into “workmode”.  Being naked wouldn’t feel like I’m at work, but perhaps it is because I am just not used to it.

Have you ever worked from home in the nude or do you prefer wearing clothes?



* After writing this article, I did a poll on Instagram asking my followers if they ever work from home naked. Turns out about 8% sometimes do.


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