62% think clothing on the last working day is just as important as on the first

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When I start writing in the morning, I always first look at the search terms that have brought people to my blog. It’s a fun way to see what’s on your mind. It often makes me laugh as you see very unique search terms popping up. And so a few days ago I suddenly saw the phrase “which clothes on the last day of work”.

This was something I had never thought about before. I decided to post a poll on Instagram and LinkedIn. People could vote on whether they thought clothes were just as important on the last working day as they were on the first day. Interestingly, it turned out that 62% of the voters believed that the last impression is indeed just as important as the first.

I also asked why the yes voters thought this. There appeared to be three reasons why people attach importance to the last working day.

1. Good feeling

The most frequently mentioned reason is that people want to dress well because it makes them feel good. The last working day is a special, but sometimes also emotional day for many. A good, presentable outfit turns out to be the ideal way to give yourself a confidence boost.

One tip suggested is to wear the outfit you wore on your first day of work again on your last day. This ensures you look presentable. Another lady said she wore a shirt with the quote “choose to be happy” on her last day. This was her way of showing that her happiness did not depend on the company.

Although I am not a big fan of texts on clothing in a business environment, it is funny on the last day of work. Such quotes can say a lot, but keep in mind they can be interpreted in different ways.

2. Last impression

In addition to wearing a great outfit for yourself, it turned out that people also did this for their colleagues. Often to stick it to them. In the sense, “I’ll show them what they’re going to miss”.

I had to laugh when I read this. I don’t think that appearance on the last working day makes that much of an impression. It might make a good parting impression, but people remember more than just that day.

3. Picture perfect

Fnally, there were a few who pointed out that photos might be taken on your last working day. Good point! It is not unusual to take a quick snap of your departing colleague during the farewell drinks. And if this happens, it is good to be looking your best.

It is worth it?

Although I hadn’t really thought about it until recently, I now understand why people put effort into their clothes for their last day at work.

When I look at the reasons, I see that creating a pleasant feeling is central to this. Whether it is the idea that you look good in photos, that your colleagues see what they will miss, or simply that you know you look good. And that is ultimately what clothing should do, make you feel good. Whatever day it is.



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