Determining a company’s dress code via social media

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One of the questions I’ve been getting for years is what people should wear during a job interview. Often, they don’t know the company’s dress code, which leads to uncertainty. You don’t want to be overdressed, but you certainly don’t want to be underdressed either. You can use social media to determine a company’s dress code. In this article, I’ll explain how you can do this.

Determining a company's dress code via social media
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Determining a company’s dress code via social media

Before I explain the method, I want to emphasize that this doesn’t always work for every company. Some companies don’t post photos of employees for security reasons. If they do post photos, be aware that this only provides a limited view. Therefore, I recommend reading the aforementioned article about a company’s goals and ambitions.

That being said, why should you use social media to determine the dress code?

  • You can do it independently: You don’t need to ask anyone and can search in your own way.
  • It’s a great source of information: In addition to the dress code, you can learn more about a company and your potential future colleagues.
  • You can dig as deep as you want: Are you consulting one channel? Are you using one method per channel or several? It’s up to you!

Curious? Below, I’ll explain how you can get a better idea of a company on each platform.



Instagram is the perfect place to get an idea of a company. The platform is mainly focused on visual content, so the chances of finding ‘inside’ photos are high.

  • Company account: By checking the company account, you immediately get an idea of the work environment. Often, photos of employees are shared, showing what they wear. Keep in mind that the company likely strategically selects these images. The photos and therefore the employees are likely (highly) representative. This way, you can immediately see the impression the company wants to make. Are they promoting a casual dress style or do they consider formal attire important?
  • Location: Often, the company’s address is listed above the photos on the company account. I recommend clicking on this. It’s very useful, as you can find all Instagram photos taken at that address. There’s a good chance you’ll suddenly see photos of employees or customers. Selfies with colleagues, photos of company parties: this is where you can see the real ‘inside’ images.
  • Hashtag: Finally, you can search for hashtags. Type a # in Instagram’s search bar, followed by the company’s name. If employees haven’t tagged the company’s address, the company’s name is often used as a hashtag.



The method for Facebook is similar to that of Instagram.

  • Company account: Many companies post the same photos on Facebook as on Instagram. But since not all companies have Instagram, it’s wise to investigate both platforms.
  • Search terms: On Facebook, it’s best to search by typing the company’s name into the search bar. You’ll then see various results. By clicking on the ‘photos’ tab, you’ll see all public images related to the company. Once again, a world opens up for you!



While Facebook and Instagram work similarly, LinkedIn is a different story. Because it’s a professional platform, it’s harder to find photos. LinkedIn doesn’t sort content. Therefore, it’s best to type the company’s name into the search bar and see which people come up. These are usually people who work or have worked at the company.

By clicking on the names, you can view their accounts and see which photos or videos they’ve posted. Keep in mind that people can see when you view their profile. If you don’t want that, you can adjust your settings to view profiles anonymously. The downside is that you won’t be able to see who views your profile either.


Valuable Information via Social Media

The tips I’ve given in this article are focused on ‘peeking at the neighbors’. Taking a look at what a company looks like, who works there, and how these people are dressed. But besides the dress code, you can find out much more. You may see photos of company outings, business trips, or presentations. You immediately get an idea of how the company handles certain things. What do they consider important, and where do they spend money? So, in addition to the dress code, you learn a lot more about your potential future employer.



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