This is Kim Kardashian’s staff dress code

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The Kardashians are known for their love of fashion and cosmetics. But it doesn’t stop at the appearance of the family members. During a recent interview, Kim Kardashian revealed that her staff has a dress code. And there’s an interesting thought behind it…

This is Kim Kardashian's staff dress code
Photo:  Priscilla Du Preez – Unsplash

This is Kim Kardashian’s staff dress code

The topic came up during Angie Martinez’s IRL podcast. During the conversation, Martinez mentioned that the clothing of Kim Kardashian’s staff is coordinated. She asked if this was done intentionally.

It turned out that it was indeed no coincidence. ‘Absolutely. I have uniforms. It’s not like “hey, this is your uniform”. It’s just color palettes.’ The reality star explains that she has a handbook outlining the dress code. Staff members can choose from the colors gray, heather gray, black, navy blue, white, cream, and khaki. She adds that essentially all natural shades are allowed, as long as there is no color-blocking (contrasting colors together).

Those who follow Kim Kardashian know that her interior is very minimalist and consists only of natural tones. This was the reason for introducing the dress code.

‘My house is so zen, so I asked everyone what they thought. Everyone basically said, “That would make our lives so much easier.” ‘Once everyone was on board and thought it would be easier for them, I thought: Yes, let’s do this.’

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She adds that she wants to introduce a day where the staff can decide for themselves what they wear. Kardashian says this could be, for example, the employee’s birthday.


Kardashian knows what she wants

I’m not surprised that Kim Kardashian has a dress code for her staff. This really suits her. She just approached it differently than most companies would. Typically, a dress code is aimed at the outside world. The staff must have a certain appearance for the customer. In this case, the roles are reversed: the staff dresses for Kim. She wants to surround herself with as many natural tones as possible, and the staff is part of that. And why not? In her role, she is both an employer and a customer.

I understand that these guidelines make the staff’s work easier. They don’t have to think long about their clothing in the morning. The great thing about Kim Kardashian is that she also has her own clothing line (SKIMS) that consists entirely of natural tones. For the staff, this means they don’t have to search for clothing. Most likely, the majority just wears SKIMS, which is convenient.



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