Much criticism on new uniforms of Aerolineas Argentinas

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Aerolineas Argentinas has unveiled the new uniforms. Both ground and flight staff of the Argentine airline will receive a new clothing package. However, the company seems to be particularly pleased with it, while the Argentinians are expressing their disapproval. And I can understand why…


Old uniforms Aerolineas

Argentinas Before showing you the new clothing, it’s time to take a look at the old uniforms. In the photos below, you can see what the staff has been wearing for the past thirteen years.

The uniforms are plain black, combined with white blouses and shirts. The details include black ties, gold buttons, and occasional yellow stripes. When compared to other airlines, I find this collection particularly dull. It’s neither unique nor recognizable. Moreover, it could easily be worn in a crematorium or any other setting for somber ceremonies. No, I don’t like it at all.


New uniforms

For the new uniforms, the airline enlisted the help of Benito Fernández, an Argentine fashion designer and couturier. He is proud of the result.

“The concept partly originated from reflecting on abstract ideas and morphologies (linguistics) that represent today’s world through the work of an airline: modernity, comfort, and elegance are present in this uniform. It’s a dream come true and a milestone in my career to represent my country through a brand like Aerolíneas Argentinas.”

Much criticism on new uniforms of Aerolineas Argentinas
Photo: Aerolineas Argentinas

In the new package, the roles are distinguished by colors. The flight staff wears a uniform consisting of light blue and white, while the ground staff works in dark blue.

According to Aerolineas Argentinas, there were three key themes: brand identity, comfort/convenience, and modernity. To achieve this, the company chose more spandex fabrics to provide the staff with more freedom of movement. Additionally, women can now choose pants in addition to a skirt.


Sneakers for Aerolineas Argentinas staff

In addition to a new uniform, the staff will also receive a pair of unique sneakers. The airline has collaborated with the renowned Argentine shoe designer Ricky Sarkany for this.

Much criticism on new uniforms of Aerolineas Argentinas

Besides explaining the design and the choices made, the news report also emphasizes sustainability. That’s something we’re used to nowadays. Every organization wants to show in 2023 that they are aware of the environment and the impact they have on our planet. But there’s a different thought behind it at Aerolineas Argentinas.

The airline has been facing financial difficulties for years. Since the company came under state control in 2008, it has failed to turn it into a profitable organization. In 2022, it was announced that Aerolineas Argentinas had received about $1.92 billion in state aid over 3 years. Adding to that, the country is experiencing a 109 percent inflation rate, the highest since 1991. You can imagine that citizens weren’t too pleased to hear that their tax money was spent on new uniforms.

The airline is aware of this. The press release states that, to cut costs, they have reduced the number of uniforms from 9 to 6. Also, the stripes on the suits, which distinguished ranks, have been replaced by pins. Compared to competitors, the clothing package is very limited, but that doesn’t ease the pain for the citizens. Many Argentinians are angry.

The organization could have opted for a standard uniform and matching shoes. It’s not uncommon in the aviation industry to hire designers, but in this situation, it’s simply inappropriate. Glamour and luxury are enjoyable, but become disrespectful when it comes at the expense of those who are already struggling. That can and should never be the intention of a new clothing package.




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