Exclusive clothing line for female pastors

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When we think of pastors, we envision older men in flowing robes. A lot of layers and little shape. That was true for pastors of the past. Nowadays the number of female pastors is rapidly growing. Also referred to as ‘pastor’. But the traditional work clothes for pastors have not moved with the times and Camelle Daley felt it was time this changed. And this is exactly what she did…

Exclusive clothing line for female pastors

The Clergy Collection

In 2014 her company House of Ilona launched the special Clergy Collection. Not completely without success. This fashion designer from London quickly made international news. Amongst others, The Washington Post, The Times, Huffington Post and The Guardian wrote articles about her new fashion line.

The line did not stop with one collection. No, she quickly discovered the demand was huge and responded to the needs of her clients. Dales says ‘the women complained about the wide, shapeless shirts and questioned why stylish elegant women should have to dress ‘male’ for their jobs?’ This is the reason she continues to innovate and the collection is ever expanding with a variety of items. The female pastor can now go wild with her dressed, skirts, jackets, suits and tops. A fan of denim or pink? That is no problem….

With so much to choose from the designer understands that picking the perfect outfit can be a challenge. But luckily Daley understands better than anyone that every figure is unique and requires a different style of outfit. To help the ladies find a style that suits them, Daley created a chart showing different types of figures and the perfect outfit for each one. Very handy!


Exclusive clothing line for female pastors

I think it is really great that Daley has changed the way female pastors dress, not only by designing a clothing line but supplying them with the tools to discover what suits them and develop their style. In fact, I imagine a lot of the ladies would like to wear these clothes in their free time too. Or perhaps to the office. I for one have spotted a few items I would love to wear.

If you are a pastor, know a pastor, or are just crazy about clothes you will be happy to hear that The Clergy ships worldwide. Prices start at €63 for a shirt up to €227 for a long dress. Curvy ladies have not been left out with sizes starting at 32 and going up to size 58, there is a style to suit every figure.

I am curious to hear your thoughts on this line? And if you do go to church what do you think of a stylishly dressed modern pastor? 



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