6 fashion rules the English Royal Family must follow

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The members of the British royal family always look impeccable. But this is no accident, and they don’t just wake up looking this way. There are a lot of style protocols to which they need to adhere. In this article, I will share with you 6 fashion rules that the English royal family must follow.

6 fashion rules the English Royal Family must follow
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1. Always pack a black outfit 

When members of the royal family travel, they must always pack one all-black outfit. Why? In case a member of the family passes away and they need to return unexpectedly. This rule originated when Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip were traveling through Kenia in 1952. During this trip, her father died, and she had to immediately return to England. But because she did not have a black outfit with her, she had to disembark the plane wearing ‘inappropriate’clothes. Since then, the rule is that no family member should be caught off guard again. So, when traveling, they always pack an all-black outfit. 


2. No fur

England has been busy banning fur farms, and for this reason, since 2000, members of the royal family are forbidden from wearing fur. But they sometimes break this rule. For example, at Christmas, when both the Queen and Camilla wore fur. The latter’s excuse; it was ‘vintage’ fur. Kate Middleton has also broken this rule. In 2017 she wore a hat made from fur. According to the designer, they made the hat from the fur of animals that had died from natural causes.


3. Gloves

 Have you noticed that we always see the Queen wearing gloves in public? This is no accident, nor simply a style choice. Because she shakes so many hands every year, she wears gloves to limit the spread of bacteria. 


 4. Casual Rules

 Members of the royal family are permitted to wear casual clothes, but certain rules apply. The ladies can wear a smart dress or trousers paired with a jacket. The men may sport a casual look wearing chinos, providing they combine them with a shirt and possibly a blazer. But they have also broken this rule on occasions. Prince William and Catherine have both been spotted in jeans, but this is a rare occurrence.


5. Not just for adults

The children are not exempt from dress codes. For example, have you noticed that little Prince George always wears short, smart trousers? There is a specific reason for this, the children must also be impeccably turned out. And short trousers are not so bad. In the past, little boys up to 8 years of age had to wear a toga or a dress.


Tiara’s and Hats

 Do you also love to see a princess with a tiara on her head? Well, to wear a tiara, the ladies must meet several requirements. Royal etiquette dictates you can do so if you were born a princess or are a married member of the royal family.

Tradition dictates that tiaras can be worn on formal occasions that take place later than 6 in the evening, and there is a specific etiquette for placing the tiara on your head. Not the proper occasion to wear a tiara, such as daytime? Then you must wear a hat.




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