When style rules in the House of Representatives are ignored

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The United States House of Representatives is an important political body where laws are passed. It is also a place where accredited journalists are permitted to film and record. However, you cannot just step inside and start interviewing, there is a dress code to which you should abide. But what actually happens when the dress code in the house of representatives is ignored?

When style rules in the House of Representatives are ignored
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Dress code

The dress code rule for the House of Representatives is pretty unique. Firstly, because the exact dress code rules were never formally established. It is believed that the rules are somewhere, but nobody can find the document. The only document available on this subject is fairly general and vague. It is stated in the House of Representative rules (version2015) that the members should wear neat and traditional clothing. Men must wear a jacket and tie, as for the ladies …. appropriate clothing. Right. What that exactly means is anyone’s guess. The document is both outdated and vague. It is so dated that it also states that legislators must wear a hat. Very old-fashioned considering this was abolished in the British parliament in in 1837.

If you forget the rules

Not only the members, but everyone who enters the House of Representatives must stick to the rules. But because the rules are so vague, there are also some unwritten rules which people adhere to. For example, you should not wear tennis shoes or shoes where your toes are visible. But it also came to light – in an unusual way- that strappy dresses are also unacceptable.

In the summer of 2017, a journalist entered wearing such a dress and immediately received comments. So, what do you do in this situation? Well, this resourceful journalist tore a few pages from her notebook and attached them to her spaghetti straps, trying to cover her bare shoulders. Unfortunately, her creative solution was not appreciated, and she was told as much.

But they are not entirely unreasonable at the House of Representatives. They have a solution for men who forget to wear a tie. They keep a spare tie handy which has come to be known as the ‘tie of shame’. And not entirely without reason. It is a pink tie with a cheerful floral print.

In my opinion, this is not an ugly tie, but I can understand that not every man would be happy to wear it. Anyway, better than having to leave before you get the story you came for and a good lesson which you won’t quickly forget!



Source: CBSnews

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