Engelbert Strauss launches collection for stuntmen

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Just like any profession, stuntmen and women naturally wear workwear. But what they wear is something I haven’t even considered before, and I’ve been writing about workwear for about 10 years now.

For those who are curious, Engelbert Strauss has now designed a collection in collaboration with the US Stuntmen’s Association. In this article, I’ll show you the collection.

According to Henning Strauss, director of Engelbert Strauss, it was very logical to collaborate with the stuntmen’s association.

“I’ve always had a soft spot for stuntmen. (…) They represent the kind of selfless, silent dedication that our customers around the world can relate to. The stuntmen’s association is a perfect fit for us.”

Engelbert Strauss launches collection for stuntmen

With such a collaboration, you might expect a unique collection with special details that only true experts in the field have experienced. But let me temper expectations right away, because it’s unfortunately not that exciting. The line consists of basic black T-shirts, polo shirts, trousers, vests, and jackets adorned with the association’s logo.

Engelbert Strauss launches collection for stuntmen
Engelbert Strauss launches collection for stuntmen

It’s not the first time the two organizations have teamed up. The Stuntmen’s Association previously participated in a European campaign for the German workwear brand. They were so enthusiastic about the clothing that Engelbert Strauss developed a custom collection for the association.

With this knowledge in mind, I find the result of the collaboration even more disappointing. Stuntmen need to be extra protected by their clothing. Think of materials that are extra sturdy or flame-retardant. Or maybe a thong, as Tom Cruise swears by it when doing his stunts? We don’t see any of that reflected in the collection.

Engelbert Strauss launches collection for stuntmen

The collection for stuntmen disappoints

The idea is nice, and that’s exactly what Engelbert Strauss is good at. They have been creating unique workwear collections for years. They did so in 2023 to promote the Fast & Furious film and a year earlier with the metal band Metallica. And there have been many more special collaborations before that. This makes them quite unique in the workwear industry, which is nice, but I often find the execution less successful than the idea. With this clothing, I’m reminded of the NASA logos that were popular for years. Many young people liked to wear clothing with the name of the space agency on the chest. The same thing is happening now with the stuntmen’s association. The clothing is basic, but you’re wearing a unique logo.

And if you like that, then by all means wear it. The clothing is currently only available through Engelbert Strauss’s American webshop. Prices range from $20 for a cap to $120 for a winter jacket. There are different fits available, but all are designed for the male body.

If you’d rather buy a model for women, I recommend going to the association’s own webshop. Ironically, they sell almost the same clothing there. Only there are models for women, the items are slightly cheaper, and there is more choice in terms of colors. Whether this clothing is also made by Engelbert Strauss is not clear, but it seems more like a merchandise collection than workwear. Although the new launch of the German workwear company seems to resemble this a lot…

What do you think of the new Stuntmen collection?



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