Biggest blunders on the first day of your new job

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Working for your new employer for the first time usually causes a ton of stress. You want to leave a good impression on your first day. What do we consider the worst blunders and how do we think these can be solved? It’s all been studied…

Biggest blunders on the first day of your new job

Biggest blunders

The British company 4Imprint asked 3000 people what their biggest blunders were on the first day of their new job. The following six blunders were mentioned most:

  1. Being late (due to traffic)

  2. Being over or under-dressed

  3. Bumping a colleague’s vehicle in the car park

  4. Spilling tea

  5. Getting lost on the way to work

  6. Blurting out something inappropriate or stupid


Inappropriately dressed

95% of all respondents believe a good first impression in these moments is crucial. 82% of them think the chances to a good first impression are increased when you wear the right clothes. The fear of being over or under-dressed seems certainly real. More than seventy percent feels that company clothing or uniforms could help in these situations. As it would lower the stress created by you wondering whether you are dressed appropriately or not.


Company clothing

Reading the results of this research reminds me of how people usually respond when they talk about company clothing or uniforms. I recently spoke to a teacher about this. She told me that at her school, the subject of uniforms for teachers is debated every now and then. She can’t stand the idea and is actually afraid uniforms will be implemented someday. I hear these stories a lot. And I understand these people’s reactions.        

Nevertheless, company clothing may in fact work in your favor. As this research was able to demonstrate. Because it prevents a lot of stress and reduces tension on your first day. But at the same time, it makes sense that people don’t feel comfortable with new policies when they’ve been working for a company (or educational institution, like in the example) for a while. Most people will know what is appropriate after some time. They want to keep their freedom when it comes to clothes.

This is exactly the reason I’ve always been in favor of dress codes. It ensures that both new and existing employees know where they stand. It prevents discussions about what is (in)appropriate, and – if the dress code is not too strict – gives you the opportunity to keep your own style. Or at least to give it a twist that fits your style.

On your first day, have you ever worn clothes that turned out to be inappropriate?  



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