What the watches at Goldman Sachs reveal

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I recently wrote an article about why we often see high flyers wearing a Swatch watch. I explained the significance and benefits. But did you know there are companies where you can tell someone’s rank by what watch they wear? The American investment bank Goldman Sachs, among others, determines hierarchy in this way. In this article, I will tell you what the watches at Goldman Sachs reveal. A few years back, John LeFevre revealed the “rules”, and as a former Goldman Sachs employee, he knows better than anyone.



It’s extremely difficult to get into Goldman Sachs and status matters. So showing that you, as an intern, are doing pretty good is part of the game. You can wear the Rolex Oyster Datejust worth around € 8.650 or the Omega Seamaster worth over € 3.200.

What the watches at Goldman Sachs reveal


If you’ve landed a permanent contract, you wear a Rolex Submariner. You can expect to pay the princely sum of €6.000 for that.

What the watches at Goldman Sachs reveal


As an ‘associate’ you will meet with clients, so your choice of watch is critical. You shouldn’t radiate too much luxury, but you shouldn’t be underdressed either. With the Rolex Sea-Dweller (over €11.500) you can’t go wrong. You can also go for the Blancpain Aqua Lung, which is slightly cheaper at almost €11.000.

What the watches at Goldman Sachs reveal

Vice President

Okay, these employees are making serious money. But despite your financial progress, you don’t have to buy a more expensive watch right away. The Rolex Daytona worth about €10.500 is fine. It’s an unwritten rule that you cannot buy this watch until you have reached this level. Bored with it? Then the Vacheron Constantin Overseas, this is also an option for a vice president. It seems like a slightly simpler model (in blue below), but expect to drop about €16.000 for this. Do you deal with emerging markets? The Panerai Luminor, worth almost €20.000, is an excellent choice for you.

What the watches at Goldman Sachs reveal


You wear a different type of watch at this level. Slightly more classic, slightly less showy. But no less expensive. Choose the Breguet Classique (over €40.000) or the Jaeger LeCoultre Master Tourbillon (over €33.000). Want to spend a little less? Then opt for the Franck Muller Retrograde Hours. This costs “only” €14.000. In any case, the IWC Portuguese is not recommended. Within the business it is said, that gentlemen wearing this watch have cheating wives…


Managing Director

The Patek Philippe brand is totally at this level. Men opt for the Nautilus Chronograph worth more than €42.000 or the Perpetual Calendar of around €78.000.



At the highest level, the cost of the watch suddenly drops drastically. A Swatch watch worth €55 or a Nike Sport watch of €70 is fine.


Well, what more can I say? It’s a crazy world …



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  1. Hi Aileen,

    Quite an interesting read.

    The world is indeed a crazy place amongst rich folks and watches are one of the best ways of flashing your status.


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