How watches influence your self-confidence

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Research has shown that watches have a powerful influence on your self-confidence. What is the reason for this? And which watches? I dived in …

How watches influence your self-confidence
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During the study, conducted by the Universities of Toronto and Kansas, they asked 990 people to choose a watch for two different occasions. On one occasion they would wear the watch to a school reunion, where they would encounter former class bullies. The other occasion was an important business meeting. For both scenarios, they often chose a relatively large watch. When people look for acceptance, as with family or friends, they choose smaller watches.

When asked why people would choose a large watch for the reunion or business meeting, they admitted that it makes them feel dominant. People were also willing to spend more money to achieve this feeling.


How watches influence your self-confidence

Stylist Cadmus understands this phenomenon very well. She worked for Goldman Sachs for many years before starting her business in styling. According to her, a large watch in the financial world shows masculinity. For people who want to make a career in this industry, wearing this accessory is important. We associate smaller watches with femininity and that does not work well, says Cadmus. According to her, people in this industry are also a bit obsessed with hierarchy. And for some, wearing large watches is only done when you hold a certain position.

It is a way of communicating with people working in the same industry. On the other hand, there are a growing number of people who do not wear a watch to impress. They have a nice collection at home, but they only wear them on special occasions, says Cadmus. As if to say “I am so confident, I don’t need a watch.”

I am curious about your experience with watches at work. Do you also feel that watches have become a status symbol? Or is the watch you wear not important?




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