Veteran wins Shark Tank deal for military bodysuit

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What do you do when you’re in the military and not satisfied with your work clothing? You just make it yourself, thought Marie McClain Hill. She developed a bodysuit for female military personnel. Now, she has also won the television program Shark Tank and secured a significant investment…

Veteran wins Shark Tank deal for military bodysuit

Three things at once

For many women nowadays, it’s quite normal to switch roles daily. One moment you’re an employee, then a mother, friend, wife, and in between, you also want time for yourself.

Hill understands this better than anyone. Because in addition to her social life, she is a military member of the Air Force and part of the cheerleading team at Golden Rush NFL. And as if that weren’t enough, she also founded the company TORCH Warriorwear in 2021.

Her goal was to make life easier for female military personnel through clothing. She wanted to create something they could wear in all situations. This led her to the idea of ​​designing a bodysuit. She had been wearing this garment for years during the gymnastics classes she took and later as a cheerleader.

She developed the bodysuit in different colors, so the color always matches the uniform. This way, it can be worn not only by military personnel but also by women working in healthcare, for example. The advantage of the bodysuit is that it stays in place. After all, it is secured at the crotch, so it can’t ride up. To remind women how powerful they are, the word ‘fearless’ is embroidered into the fabric.

Veteran wins Shark Tank deal for military bodysuit

To grow her business, she decided to participate in Shark Tank. In this American television program, entrepreneurs can pitch their ideas to investors. At that time, she had already sold $100,000 worth of bodysuits.

That worked out well for the veteran. Hill won the program and received $150,000 in exchange for a 22.5% stake in her company. With the money, clothing will be developed for pregnant military personnel. Because that’s also a group that is sometimes overlooked.

I think it’s a fantastic initiative!

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