Swiss army is taking a step in the right direction with women’s underwear

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The army’s search for female personnel has become a trend that cannot be ignored. And this is quite something. More and more countries are changing their policies and dress codes to make jobs within the Department of Defense more attractive to women. Last week, the Swiss army announced that it was also going to take steps. 

Swiss army is taking a step in the right direction with women's underwear
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Swiss army is taking a step in the right direction with women’s underwear

Currently, women make up 1% of the army in Switzerland. The organization hopes to increase this to 10% percent by 2030. This is quite a challenge since the organization was designed with men in mind, female employees even wear men’s outerwear and underwear. So it is definitely time for a change. Starting this month, the women in the army will trial women’s underwear for the first time. Two sets are available: a warm weather set and a cold weather set. The latter will consist of long underwear. The new uniforms will be unisex with the option of adjusting certain parts, such as camouflage pants with an adjustable waistband. 


Swiss army goes a step further 

In addition to changing the clothing and underwear, the policies will also be revised. They plan to take the combination of work, education, and family life more into account.

These are major changes for the organization, but not entirely unexpected. Since 2019, Viola Amherd has been Switzerland’s first female Defense Minister. And this is reflected in the policy. A lot of thought has gone into how to attract women into this profession. Adjusting the underwear, clothing, and working conditions are crucial steps needed to ensure this occupation appeals to more women. 

Seems obvious right? Well not so quick. In Canada, they thought shortening the skirts would attract more female staff. And last March, the US military announced they would allow more cosmetics in the workplace. As if that is a reason for women to apply for a job in Defense. Sometimes I find it hilarious to read, but it is also sad and derogatory. Yet unfortunately, it is still the reality. 

That is why I welcome the Swiss army’s plans. It shows that you take female employees seriously. And that is ultimately what everyone wants and deserves. 




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