Polo shirt: tucked in or out of the pants?

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Just like with the blouse or the shirt, there is often the question of whether to tuck it in or leave it out of the pants. Everyone naturally has their own style, but what are the guidelines? In this article, I’ll answer that question for you and tell you more rules about wearing a polo shirt.

Polo shirt: tucked in or out of the pants?
Photo left: Chris Blonk – Unsplash  | Photo right: Ben Koorengevel – Unsplash 

Let’s start by outlining some basic guidelines for wearing a polo shirt:

  • Under a polo shirt, you don’t wear an undershirt or T-shirt.
  • The sleeve seams should fall on the shoulders, exactly at the bone that connects the arm to the shoulders. Just like with a shirt or T-shirt.
  • The sleeves of a polo shirt should end halfway down the upper arm. This applies only to short-sleeved polos. For long sleeves, it may extend to the wrists.
  • The polo should fall just over the belt loops of your pants. If polos often fall above that, you’ll quickly have a bare belly when you raise your arms. That’s not very neat at work. I recommend looking for extra-long polos. 
  • The collar should lay neatly down and not stand up.
  • For a tidier appearance, make sure the buttons of your polo shirt are closed. For a more casual look, you can leave one or more buttons open.

Polo shirt: tucked in or out of the pants?

Then comes that one question: are you going to tuck a polo shirt into your pants or leave it out? That depends on several factors:

  1. Model: Is the polo shirt very long? Then it’s often nicer to tuck it into your pants. If it’s shorter and falls just over the edge of your pants, it’s likely to be difficult to keep it tucked in. Due to movement, it will quickly ride up.
  2. Your body type: Naturally, it’s important that you feel comfortable when wearing a polo shirt. People often don’t like it when the belly is too accentuated. So, if you have a bit of a belly, you might want to leave the polo out of the pants. If you tuck it in, this part of the body will be emphasized. If you have no problem with that or if you think you have a nice belly, then you can easily tuck it in.
  3. Casual or formal: Just like with a shirt or blouse, it looks neater to tuck a polo into your pants. Wearing it over the pants gives this garment a more casual look.

In short, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. How you want to wear it depends on how the polo shirt looks, how you want to present your body, and whether you’re aiming for a casual or a neat appearance.



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