German police protest by going out on the street without pants

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What do you do when you’ve been waiting for your uniform for a long time, but it keeps not being delivered? You just go out on the street without pants, that’s what the police from the German state of Bavaria thought. The unusual situation was captured on video, and it’s quite funny to watch…

German police protest by going out on the street without pants
Screenshot from YouTube video DPolG

German police protest by going out on the street without pants

On April 1st, the state branch of the German Police Union (DPolG) posted a video on YouTube to draw attention to the shortage of uniforms. The description immediately stated that it was not a joke, as is often the case on this day.

In the video, two officers are seen asking each other in the car “how long they’ve been waiting.” As soon as they step out, it’s clear what they’ve been waiting for. The man and woman walk onto the street, dressed in shirts, caps, and shoes but without pants. After this unusual action, Jürgen Köhnlein, chairman of the Bavarian DPolG, appears on screen. He explains that it’s not a joke but a serious problem. According to him, the chronic shortage of uniforms indicates a lack of respect for the officers.

He mentions that they have been waiting for about 21 parts of the uniform for months now. This includes not only pants but also jackets and caps. The union calls on the Ministry of the Interior to take immediate action.

The uniforms can be seen in the photo below.

Government believes German police can still carry out tasks

A spokesperson for the Ministry of the Interior acknowledges the problem and says that a solution is being worked on. The pandemic and the war in Ukraine are cited as causes of the delivery problems. But according to the ministry, the police can still carry out their duties. If there is a shortage of certain clothing items, other items from the package can be used. There is currently a logistics center being built in Bavaria, so that the police will be less dependent on external parties in the future. It is expected to be ready by 2030.

Union chairman Jürgen Köhnlein thinks it’s taking too long. “At the moment, it remains unclear whether the situation will improve or worsen. (…) What impression should new recruits get when they are forced to complete their training in ‘civilian clothing’ instead of receiving a uniform?,” Köhnlein said.

Let’s hope the problem gets resolved quickly. If not, they may also wear less clothing during their work. It’s definitely an effective way to draw attention. You can’t ignore it, as they say…



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