Why police officers wear uniforms on television

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A few weeks ago, I posted an appeal on social media. I asked my readers if they had questions about workwear. One question I received was why police officers wear uniforms on television. A great question! There are plenty of professional groups that don’t wear their uniforms during television appearances. Is it mandatory for the police? Time to dive into this!

Why police officers wear uniforms on television
Photo by R.D. Smith – Unsplash

A uniform on television

To get an answer to my question, I contacted the police force  communications office. According to Mireille Beentjes, strategic spokesperson for the Dutch police, it is only logical that officers wear a uniform when they appear on television.

“It is an unwritten rule that officers wear uniforms on television. That has to do with recognizability. If their media appearance relates to their work, it would be strange if they were in plain clothes. When the media appearance concerns their role in the union, they are not allowed to wear a uniform. This way the distinction is obvious.”

Good example

It makes sense. But yet there are plenty of doctors and construction workers who don’t wear their work clothes on tv. It seems they have missed a trick. The uniform not only ensures recognizability for police officers, but it also has more advantages. Clothing influences the way people speak and react. It is logical because work clothing puts you immediately in work mode. So if you wear a uniform for work and go on a talk show, think twice before putting on your casual clothes. Your uniform may provide additional support for your story.



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