This is Corpcore: the new office clothing trend

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After years of sweatpants and hoodies, it’s time for Corpcore: the new office clothing trend. This clothing style is a combination of the comfort of 2024 and the professional look of the 90s. A modern, yet business-like outfit that is increasingly worn, especially by women. Curious? In this article, I’ll explain how you can dress in this way.

This is Corpcore: the new office clothing trend
Photo: Riki Ramdani – Unsplash

Grey tones and pinstripes

When it comes to business attire, neutral colors come to mind. And that’s no different with this trend. Corpcore is full of different shades of grey combined together. Preferably with a pinstripe or solid items in black or white.

Loose fit and layers

Although many trouser and skirt suits are worn, the fit is far from classic. You see a lot of oversized blazers and trousers. After all, that’s what people in 2024 consider important: clothing should be comfortable. And there should be room for one’s own personal style. As a result, the outfits don’t look stuffy, but rather hip.

This trend is also great for those who get cold easily, as layering is totally in. Think of a waistcoat under a blazer, possibly combined with a blouse underneath.


Due to the loose fit, Corpcore has a somewhat androgynous look. Not masculine, but not feminine either. The focus is less on the body’s lines, but rather on the clothing itself.

This is Corpcore: the new office clothing trend

I’m not surprised that this clothing style has become a trend. In recent years, there was already Gorpcore, a clothing style mainly inspired by outdoor wear. And that was derived from the workwear trend. But as always with fashion, it ebbs and flows. In recent years, the casual, functional look was trendy, and now we’re leaning a bit more towards the formal side.

I find it a very nice trend. Especially the combination of stylish yet comfortable clothing is very pleasant and wearable. But there is also a downside. The models wearing the clothes in the photos in this article are all very slim. And that also contributes to why it looks so trendy. I’m not sure if fuller-figured women would be happy with this. With my size 46/48, I have sometimes worn oversized clothing, but I don’t find it successful. It feels like the clothing is too loose, which it actually is, but it looks like I’ve chosen the wrong size. I do see myself wearing the trend of pinstripes. In the past, I’ve often had trousers and blazers with this print in my closet and would buy them again.

By the way, if you want to get inspiration for Corpcore outfits, I recommend checking out Boss’s new collection and accompanying photos. The clothing brand has used this trend as the basis for their latest campaign.

Would you wear this clothing style at the office?



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