Research reveals which uniforms women find most attractive

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Since uniforms have existed, they have attracted curious glances. And not just because the wearers have a certain function. Many people find someone in uniform sexy. But which uniforms do women actually find most attractive on men? There has even been research done on this…

Research reveals which uniforms women find most attractive
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Women find doctors most attractive

The research was conducted by Uniformdating. As the name suggests, it is a dating site for people who love uniforms. To find out which uniforms are most appreciated, they surveyed 1500 members.

The male doctor’s uniform scored highest among the ladies at 30%. Conversely, 26% of the men found the uniform worn by female nurses most attractive. Respondents in the survey indicated that they chose these uniforms because the individuals wearing them appear caring and concerned.


Research reveals which uniforms women find most attractive

After the popular doctor, the delivery person ranks second. In third place is the firefighter, followed by the military personnel. The pilot ranks fifth.

The most remarkable thing about this lineup is the delivery person’s uniform. I’ve actually never seen a delivery person in a nice uniform, let alone an attractive one. They are usually dressed in conspicuous clothing, think food delivery personnel, or in a dull suit like those at UPS. But since delivery persons wear different clothing around the world, the Netherlands might not be such a good example.

Despite not having a particular fondness for uniforms, I can agree with the rest of the list. They are all uniforms associated with certain character traits that many women find attractive.


Why uniforms are so attractive

According to Amy Coles of Uniformdating, it’s not so much about the uniform itself, but rather what people associate with it. For example, women tend to think firefighters are handsome and consider police officers brave and loyal. Many women think chefs have a fiery personality.

However, the preference for uniforms goes beyond just our first impression. In 2018, I interviewed neuromarketing expert Chantal van den Berg about why people find uniforms sexy. If you’re curious, check out the (Dutch) article I wrote about it.

Which uniforms do you find most attractive?

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