New Zealand agents use uniform on dating apps

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There is something magical about uniforms. They radiate a certain status and can influence the behavior of the person wearing them. But there is also a large group of people for whom a uniform has an erotic appeal. Police uniforms are often seen as attractive. So as a single agent, you can use this to your advantage. Or not?

New Zealand agents use uniform on dating apps
Photo: BodyWorn by Utility by Pixabay

New Zealand agents use uniform on dating apps

It may seem harmless: taking a picture of yourself at work. Posting a snap on Facebook is a fun way to show your friends what you look like in a uniform. And also a way to attract a potential romantic partner. The latter seems to happen more and more. So much so that the New Zealand Defence Force had to adjust its social media policy. Because especially on dating apps, more and more agents are using photos in which they are wearing their uniform.

“Don’t use a photo of yourself in your uniform as your profile picture. While a profile picture of you in your uniform might get more interest from potential partners, you are also open to more scrutiny,” the new policy of the New Zealand Defence Force states.

Not without dangers

The organization touches on an important theme. A photo in uniform may look cool, but you are also making yourself unnecessarily vulnerable. Simply knowing your first name and profession makes it easy for people to find you. People can find out where you work, what position you hold, and maybe even your contacts. And because more and more dating apps are using GPS systems, it is easier than ever to locate someone. The New Zealand Defence Force does not prohibit the use of photos in uniform but is warning staff of the consequences.

“Even little bits of trivial information online can be dangerous for your friends and loved ones. Someone could get injured or killed. Compiling information from the internet is a surprisingly simple task and criminals are very good at connecting the dots using the trail of information we leave online.”

By the way, this not only applies to police officers. I can imagine that there are several professions where it is not handy for your identity to be readily available online. Criminal lawyers and prison employees are but two that spring to mind. Also, the question is whether you want people to be able to easily find your personal information online. And if a photo in uniform is worth the risk. Ultimately, that is a personal consideration.




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