New podcast series gives a glimpse into the American corporate clothing industry

I often get asked where I get my inspiration from. How can you publish a story about workwear three times a week? The answer is simple: I am constantly looking for inspiration and unique stories. A few weeks ago I discovered an interesting source of inspiration, namely a podcast about the American corporate clothing industry. Time to reveal more.

New podcast series gives a glimpse into the American corporate clothing industry

New podcast series gives a glimpse into the American corporate clothing industry

Rick Levine hosts the podcast, a man with over thirty-five years of experience in the industry. In the 1990s, he worked with his father-in-law on the magazine Made to Measure, a trade journal about the corporate clothing industry. He also ran UniformMarket, a company that built online stores for suppliers of uniforms and corporate clothing. He recently served as executive director of NAUMD, the North American Association of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors. The members of this interest group are located in the US, Canada, and Mexico.


His latest project is The Uniformer, a podcast series where Levine interviews various players in the market. He publishes a new episode every two to three weeks in which the corporate clothing industry is laid bare. The podcast is a casual conversation where guests talk about their companies, developments in the market, and what we can learn from them. When I asked Levine about the podcast, this also turns out to be the main goal: learning from each other.


Making the industry attractive

Besides the educational aspect, he also hopes to make a new generation enthusiastic about this industry. I think this is a very smart move. Because the industry has a somewhat dusty image. In my view, completely unjustified because it’s an interesting world that is constantly moving. And that is precisely why a podcast lends itself so well to this. It is the ideal way to share stories about the corporate clothing industry.

If you work in the corporate clothing industry and would like to learn more, I definitely recommend listening to one or more of the episodes.


5 x The Uniformer

Are you curious about the podcast, but do not know which episode might interest you? Here’s a brief explanation of the last five episodes.

1.David Lurio

An interview with David Lurio, owner of Elbeco. He talks about the company, which his great-grandfather started in 1907, and how his primary focus is developing new products. He also discusses the challenges within the industry and recent developments. Check out the episode here.


2. Harry Afra and Caroline Massel

A conversation with Harry Afra and Caroline Massel of Gruner & Co. This father and daughter combo tell what it’s like to run a family business that focuses on different types of corporate clothing. Check out the episode here.

3. Mike Fadden

Mike Fadden owns Galls. As the son, grandson, and nephew of police officers, he has an affinity for public safety agencies. And that is exactly the industry he focuses on. Check out the episode here.

4. Luly Yang

Luly Yang focuses on different types of clothing with her company of the same name. From couture, bridal wear, tailor-made suits to corporate clothing and custom-made uniforms. Different types of (work) clothing are discussed. Check out the episode here.

5. Chris Collopy

Chris Collopy has successfully built several companies within the corporate clothing sector. He talks about how he did this. Check out the episode here.


Even more inspiration

Feeling excited about this podcast? Check out the (free) webinars that NAUMD offers. They cover a lot of interesting themes, I will definitely attend them!




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