New clothing should better protect the Dutch Mobile Unit

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The Dutch Mobile Unit team is getting new clothing after ten years. This clothing should better protect the ME officers against the violence they encounter. Positive news, but with a sad reason. Time to take a look at the new clothing that should better protect our Mobile Unit…

New clothing should better protect the Dutch Mobile Unit
Photo: Dutch Police

Mobile unit works with flex concept

In the coming months, the people of the ME will be busy trying on the new clothing. Because it’s not just a suit they’re getting, it has all sorts of separate parts attached. In this way, according to the three-phase system, the ME officers can scale up and down. This system, which has been worked on since 2019, is also called the flex concept.

During the first phase, the normal duties of a police officer are carried out, and no extras will be added to the suit. When there is more threat to the officers, they can put on protective gear. In phase 3, the helmet and shield are also added.

Photo: Dutch Police

New clothing should better protect the Dutch Mobile Unit

Although I understand that the people of the ME are happy with this new clothing, the reason is somewhat less pleasant. According to the Amsterdam police chief and national portfolio holder for Conflict and Crisis Management, Frank Paauw, it is necessary. “Violence against the police has only increased. We need to better train our people to deal with it, but that also requires better equipment.”

Research shows that the sense of insecurity among ME officers has especially increased since the pandemic. But also, the fireworks thrown at them are getting heavier. Therefore, they prefer to carry more weapons with, for example, rubber bullets or paint so that rioters can be marked. Currently, this is done, among other things, through the use of body cameras. According to Paauw, there will not be more weapons for the time being because it would not fit the police culture. They are, however, looking at other ways to deal with the intense violence. And that’s how this new equipment came about.

I see happy faces during the interviews with the media, but deep down, I find it sad that we have reached this point. Where are we going if we want to destroy the people who protect us?



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