How a beard at work can benefit you

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Beard or no beard at work remains a thing. For some, it is acceptable and for others; it is a no-go. But how does a beard affect your appearance? Let me tell you how a beard at work can benefit you.

How a beard at work can benefit you


The reasons men wear beards differ. I have heard men say that without a beard, they have a so-called “baby face”. Or they just don’t look very manly. For these men, a beard is a conscious decision. I also know men who wear a beard because they find it easy in terms of maintenance, saving time on shaving every day.

Whatever reason you have for wearing a beard, it will affect your appearance. In 2015, the Oxford Journal for Behavioral Ecology published an article in response to a study on the effects of having a beard. And guess what? Both men and women view men with a beard as more dominant.


Is this new?

No, in 2012, scientists Barnaby Dixsona and Paul Vasey released a study on men’s beards. The study showed that people view bearded men as being more aggressive. People also perceive these men as having a higher status, and we estimate them to be older. It is not only the beard affecting this perception. The amount of (visible) muscle and the depth of the voice also plays a role.


It stands or falls on …

Okay, so in a nutshell, a beard can make you appear older, having a higher status, and being more dominant. Of course, this will vary from man to man, but I think a beard can certainly help if you want to look a little older. You can, of course, shave your beard off before an interview if you feel looking more presentable will land you the job. But when it comes to a senior position, a well-groomed beard might be just the ticket.



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