A backpack at work: yay or nay?

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So many people, so many preferences. Same with bags. For many of us it’s a very important accessory, but also difficult sometimes. Especially when you’d like to use it at work. It needs to be practical, but you also want to show it off. So basically, it also needs to look good. But have you ever considered wearing a bag on your back? Are you not sure whether a backpack is okay to use for work? I have listed all the pros and cons for you. 


A backpack at work: yay or nay?
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A backpack at work: yay or nay?

Why you wouldn’t wear a backpack at work

  • In my opinion, your clothes are the most important reason not to wear a backpack. Due to the wide shoulder straps and the weight, this type of bag is disastrous for the fabric underneath. The friction will make your clothes wear faster at the shoulders and shoulder blades. In addition, the weight and the friction also cause the fabric to wrinkle faster. Especially when wearing a suit jacket in the summer. The heat usually makes the wrinkles worse and you’ll end up with creases in your suit. That would be a shame!    

  • Your shoulders and back are not enjoying your backpack. All the weight is leaning on your back and you don’t really have another way to hold the bag with your hands. You could hang the backpack on one shoulder, but that is also not very pleasant for your body. 

  • As I wrote before, everyone has different preferences or taste, but let’s be honest: you can’t call a backpack fashionable. And that’s not surprising, because this type of bag was originally designed for travelers. It wasn’t until 1985 that the luxury fashion brand Prada added a backpack to its collection and more people started wearing it. At first mainly students due to the large amount of study books they had to carry. And then slowly more and more people started using the backpack as a ‘regular’ bag. For some people, the bag became a workbag. However – originally – the backpack was designed for practical reasons. 

  • The bag is on your back and you can’t see what happens to your stuff. Somebody could open a compartment, take something out or put something in. It’s very sensitive to theft. Or how about that funny guy at work opening your zipper as a joke?


Why you would wear a backpack at work

  • There is a reason this bag is very popular among travelers: because it is very practical. And that is the main reason for many people to use it at work. These bags are made of sturdy material, which means less wear and tear over time. After all, the bag should be able to survive a long journey. So you can use it for a long time. 

  • The bag is multifunctional. You can use the bag at work, but also easily use it in your spare time. A hike or a day on the beach: a backpack is always easy to take with you. 

  • Another good thing: the bags are usually made of fabric and therefore easy to clean. You can wash most backpacks in a washing machine. 

 Personally, I’m not a fan of backpacks at work. If I would travel around, sure I would use it. But I’m not attracted by the model of the bag, if only because it damages my clothes and you can’t keep an eye on it all the time. 

Do you wear a backpack at work? If so, for what reasons? And if not, why not?




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