This is how you strategically utilise your (work) bag

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As a woman, you can use your workbag for every practicality. And that is what most of us do. We pack in all the items we need for our working day. Simple as that, right? I recently watched a short film about how you can make better use of your bag. Time for an article to give you an idea of how you can strategically utilise your (work) bag.



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You can watch the video below. Don’t feel like watching and would rather read? Then keep scrolling.


No Décolleté

Princess Diana paired a matching clutch bag with every evening dress she wore. Her little bag was not only used for carrying her stuff but also to cover her décolleté.  She held the bag in front of her chest when exiting a car and this protected her modesty. Very smart! Now I’m guessing most of you are not regularly wearing an evening gown to work, but it is a handy trick to keep in mind for special occasions, for example, your company Christmas party or other work functions that require you to wear a beautiful dress. A neat clutch bag is not only very elegant but also has a very practical function.


Communicate with your Bag

Diana is not the only lady who has used her bag for more than one function, the English queen Elizabeth also uses her bag for more than just carrying her stuff around. She uses this accessory to communicate with her employees inconspicuously.  Whenever she slides her bag from one hand to the other that means she wants to end the conversation.  And placing her bag on a table signals to her employees that she is ready to leave the event within five minutes.  

How smart is this? You can make use of this little trick, next time you are at a meeting or work function use this handy method to communicate discreetly with your colleague.  It might seem strange at first but if you pay attention, you’ll notice that people who work together use a lot of non-verbal signals to communicate with each other.

When I was working as an assistant to a busy manager it didn’t take long before I knew exactly what she wanted by understanding her nonverbal signals and mannerisms. And occasionally a well-timed interruption or comment from me was exactly what she needed, especially when we attended meetings and I knew what her goal or strategy was. Sometimes we purposely planned our cues before attending a meeting, we used hand gestures instead of handbags. And why not? If you are in tune with each other signals can be very useful in certain situations.

Have you ever used a handbag or other accessories as a method to communicate or conceal?




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