3 people fired for ‘funny’ work clothes

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When it comes to appearance, some employers come up with the craziest reasons to fire someone. Of course, getting fired is not a fun subject, but sometimes the reason is hilarious. And in some cases, a light-hearted bit of fun is anything but. In today’s article, I share the stories of 3 people who were fired for ‘funny’ work clothes.

3 people fired for ‘funny’ work clothes


Roy Lester, a lifeguard from America, was fired in 2007 for not following the dress code. Dress code I hear you ask! Yes, his job required him to wear small, tight Speedo swimming trunks. But because of his age, he is 61 years old, Lester was not having it.‘I wore Speedos when I was in my twenties. But come on, there should be a law against men over fifty wearing those ball clamps! They look ridiculous’. He opted for a boxer-style swimsuit and was fired. According to him, this was a way to get rid of some of the older guys. About 80% would be over 40 years of age. It is unknown how this lawsuit ended, but Lester now works as a lifeguard at another beach.


Mariachi suit

In 2013, William Kane, 33, was fired from CNN for his “overlyflamboyant” clothes. Over the years, people associated him with his vibrant style. At work, he liked to wear colorful outfits such as bright red and yellow suits. He also appeared in a Mexican Mariachi outfit, complete with a large sombrero. 

The reason for his dismissal was bizarre, as he had been wearing these clothes at work for about 12 years with no issues. Kane felt his dismissal was because of his sexuality. It was around the time his supervisor found out that this vivacious employee was in a same-sex relationship; the supervisor became hostile and CNN fired Kane. Kane sued, demanding $60 million for workplace discrimination. According to the judge, there was not enough evidence of discrimination. The parties settled for an undisclosed sum.


Ku Klux Klan

In 2008, three nurses from the American University Hospital in Newark were in a giddy mood, resulting in a spontaneous, but idiotic action. They thought it would be funny if each of them put a sheet over their heads and dress up as members of the Ku Klux Klan. They took sheets from the ambulance, cut holes around the eyes, and completed the outfits with wooden crosses fashioned from medical gauze and tape. One of the three took a photo of the other two employees, the photo ended up with their supervisor.

The powers that be were not impressed, and they fired the employees on the spot. They deemed their action “totally unacceptable”

Heard of someone being fired for their appearance? I am curious to hear the strangest reason.



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