Workwear dilemma: high temperatures outside and an air conditioner in the office

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For many, it’s a recurring problem: how do you ensure that you look neat in high temperatures, both outside and in the office? Because an office air conditioner can make summer clothing too cold. In this article, I give four tips on this workwear dilemma.

Workwear dilemma: high temperatures outside and an air conditioner in the office
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Tip 1: roll up your pants

In the morning, the heat is usually not too bad, but by the end of the day, long pants are often too warm, especially if you bike or walk part of the way home. That’s why I often wear pants made of travel fabric or a similar material in the summer. An important feature of these fabrics is that they are airy and don’t wrinkle easily. This allows you to roll up your pant legs without ending up with wrinkled pants.

I’ve noticed that many jumpsuits are also made from this fabric nowadays. The advantage of jumpsuits is that you’re immediately dressed. With a pair of nice shoes, some jewelry, and a neat hairstyle, you look great. And if the jumpsuit is sleeveless, you can always wear a jacket over it at work.


Tip 2: a smart jacket at work

Speaking of a smart jacket, this is a real lifesaver when you’re unsure if you look presentable enough. That’s why I always have a black pinstripe blazer and a neat vest hanging in my office. This is ideal in winter when it’s too cold. And in summer, it’s handy when you arrive in airy clothes but want to look well-dressed for the rest of the day.


Tip 3: looser shirts

If you’re not a fan of jumpsuits and prefer to wear pants with a shirt, then it’s best to wear a looser shirt. A tight shirt will make you sweat and it will show quickly. With looser models, the fabric doesn’t sit directly on your body, so it feels cooler in the open air.

Do you think a loose shirt doesn’t look neat enough for the office? Tuck it into your pants. This immediately looks more formal than a shirt hanging over your pants. To make the whole outfit look neater, you can wear some nice earrings or a necklace. If you have an important presentation, you can always wear a blazer over it.


Tip 4: change clothes

Do you love to bike a long distance to work but don’t want to arrive at the office with a shirt full of sweat marks? Or do you sweat easily anyway? Then it’s best to wear a T-shirt on the bike and bring a clean shirt for the office. When you arrive, go straight to the bathroom to change.

At my previous job, there were even changing rooms with showers specifically for people who biked to work. I never used them myself because I was at work in ten minutes. But the cyclists found this very handy. If you work for a large organization, it’s definitely worth asking about. Sometimes these rooms are a bit hidden in a large building.


How do you make sure you look neat at work in the summer?

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