How the men on Wall Street ensure they look good

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The men working on Wall Street often look impeccably dressed. Their suits fit perfectly, and their shirts are made from the finest fabrics. But how do these gentlemen, in a world where dress codes are relaxing, know so well what to wear and what not to wear, even if they have no knowledge of clothing? In this article, I’ll explain how they do it and which brands they choose.

How the men on Wall Street ensure they look good
Photo: Luigi Estuye, LUCREATIVE® – Unsplash (photo for illustration)

How the men on Wall Street ensure they look good

As much as we want to believe that work is all about the content, appearance still plays a significant role. And these gentlemen know that too. What do you do when you have no knowledge of something, but it’s important for your job? Exactly, you hire someone. In this case, a stylist or image consultant.

Jacci Jaye, owner of the image consultancy ‘Wall Street Stylist,’ sees that there is an increasing demand for such services. According to Jaye, this is because dress codes have become more relaxed in recent years. Therefore, she offers one-time styling advice, but also programs that analyze an entire wardrobe or provide personal shopping advice.

The men who hire such advice are often willing to invest heavily in it. Peter Nguyen, a former designer, offers personal sessions for which the gentlemen may have to pay $10,000. In these sessions, their style is analyzed, the wardrobe sorted, new clothes bought, and a style guide created.


Investing in clothing

Anyone who thinks they are done after the personal advice is mistaken. An image consultant or stylist costs money, but it is still little compared to what is spent on the clothes themselves. Starting bankers are advised to invest in brands like Peter Millar and Charles Tyrwhitt.

How the men on Wall Street ensure they look good
Selection of items from Peter Millar’s workwear collection

A simple white and blue striped shirt from Peter Millar’s workwear collection, a brand initially aimed at golfers, costs $275. A blazer is priced at $1,295, and a business-appropriate hoodie costs $375.

How the men on Wall Street ensure they look good
Selection from the Charles Tyrwhitt collection

For those with a bit less to spend, the best option for a new wardrobe is Charles Tyrwhitt. When you buy a set of multiple shirts, they are just under 50 euros each. A complete suit can be purchased from around 400 euros, and smart trousers start at 100 euros.


Senior on Wall Street

According to Reginald Ferguson, a men’s fashion advisor, the brand also says something about your status. At Charles Tyrwhitt, you can create a good ‘starter set,’ but most career climbers switch to another brand over time.

How the men on Wall Street ensure they look good
Selection from the Kiton collection

For those who are partners at a firm, Kiton is the place to buy your work clothes. At this Italian brand, you’ll need to dig deeper into your pockets, which matches the salary of a higher position. A linen shirt or simple trousers costs about 800 euros, and jackets go up to 9,000 euros.

It’s clear that not only is a representative appearance important, but so is the brand. I understand why the gentlemen on Wall Street hire a stylist to look good.

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