Green Day launches collection with Dickies

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Green Day has launched a workwear collection in collaboration with Dickies. The items are entirely in the style of the cover of the album Dookie, which the punk rock band released 30 years ago. And it looks pretty cool. In this article, I’ll show you the clothing pieces and tell you all about them.

Green Day launches collection with Dickies

Green Day launches collection with Dickies

During an interview with Fashion United, the members of Green Day talked about the new collaboration. “For as long as we can remember, we’ve loved Dickies, so it’s great to work with them to honor 30 years of Dookie and 20 years of American Idiot.”

Troy Kerr, marketing director of Dickies, sees the collection as a tribute. “As a workwear brand that has been organically embraced by so many, the collaboration was a natural fit, aligning with our values and allowing us to develop a collection that honors both the band and the hardworking crew behind the scenes.”

Green Day hoodie
Green Day hoodie (size S-2XL) €115
Green Day overalls
Green Day overalls (size S-2XL) €138

It’s not the first time a workwear brand has collaborated with a band. Engelbert Strauss also did this in 2022 with Metallica. But Dickies has approached it quite differently. While Engelbert Strauss simply printed workwear with the band’s logos, Dickies opted for unique illustrations.

The collection is fairly small, with a unisex hoodie, T-shirt, overalls, and a work jacket, but the prints make it stand out. In terms of style, it’s a combination of fashion and workwear brought together in a unique way. I find it very original and well thought out.

Green Day launches collection with Dickies
Green Day T-shirt (size S-2XL) €46
Green Day launches collection with Dickies
Green Day work jacket (size S-2XL) €150

The collection is currently available through Green Day’s webshop and will be available from June 14 at selected Urban Outfitters stores. If you miss out, you’ll have to attend one of their concerts. Starting July 29, the items will also be sold as tour merchandise.



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